The Story of Prapen

The name Prapen is derived from the Indonesian word Perapian (forge) - the workshop of a metalsmith. Prapen is owned and managed by a member of the Pande Mas, the ancient clan of Balinese metalsmiths.

The family business started four generations ago by one of the first silversmiths to sell directly to tourists from the cruise ships that docked at Padang Bai. Today, Prapen has evolved into a centre of excellence for traditional Balinese metalsmithing with an international clientele that recognizes the exquisite quality of its creations.

Designers and artisans are given the resources and support they need to produce their best work. Talented smiths who lack financial resources are provided with tools and designs. Production is carefully balanced to avoid exploiting the culture.

Located in the metalsmithing village of Celuk on the island of Bali, Prapen is a window to Balinese culture, rituals and time-honored skills.

About Us

More than a jewelry retailer.

In Prapen, we preserve the art and crafting of traditional Balinese jewelry and artifacts. The studio, designed by award-winning Grounds Kent Architects Australia, fuses the modern and traditional Balinese styles that are reflected in our jewelry and artifacts. The Prapen compound has a quadrangle structure around a koi pond that includes a Balinese home-style workshop, exhibition space, a replica of an ancient Balinese forge, a 3,440 square-feet showroom, and Bali's first library of Asian art and jewelry. While browsing books in the library or viewing the jewelry collections in the showroom, visitors will be soothed by the sound of the water features. Wooden walkways traverse the pond and signature pieces of jewelry are displayed in glass cases inspired by Balinese 'Meru' temples.

Our Showroom

Our Jewelry Collection

Our jewelry and artifact designs are inspired by Balinese nature and use traditional Balinese jewelry techniques.