• The name Prapen is derived from the Indonesian word Perapian (forge) - the workshop of a metalsmith. Prapen is owned and managed by a member of the Pande Mas, the ancient clan of Balinese metalsmiths.

    The family business started four generations ago by one of the first silversmiths to sell directly to tourists from the cruise ships that docked at Padang Bai. Today, Prapen has evolved into a centre of excellence for traditional Balinese metalsmithing with an international clientele that recognizes the exquisite quality of its creations.

  • Designers and artisans are given the resources and support they need to produce their best work. Talented smiths who lack financial resources are provided with tools and designs. Production is carefully balanced to avoid exploiting the culture.

    Located in the metalsmithing village of Celuk on the island of Bali, Prapen is a window to Balinese culture, ritual and time-honored skills.

  • Carving

    A piece of metal sheet that is pressed onto a base of black pitch, and chiseled to create a pattern which then may be beaten into the metal with a hammer from the reverse side to create a raised effect.

  • Openwork

     A pattern is placed on a piece of metal sheet and the metal is then pierced onto a base of black pitch. The completed piece is laid upon another piece of plain metal to enhance the pattern.

  • Granulation

    A process of soldering hundreds of tiny granules of metal on to a base. The granule is achieved by heating a small piece of wire using a foot-operated torch.

  • Metal Weaving

    Beginning with silver wires, each piece becomes a complex shape of woven strands. Weaving the silver wire is a complex process and can take almost a week for a smith to finish a bracelet.

Jewelry Care

Our collections are intended to become contemporary heirlooms. With proper care and handling, the jewelry should last for generations and bring many years of joy. Some tips to preserve your jewelry in good condition: 

  • Put on your jewelry last, after using cosmetics and sprays
  • Remove jewelry when doing household chores, gardening or before washing hands 
  • Tarnishing is a natural characteristic of silver; avoid extreme temperatures or humidity, chlorine and other harsh chemicals
  • Clean your jewelry with a soft cloth periodically or after wearing
  • Store your jewelry separately in soft pouches or boxes when not being worn to avoid scratches or tangling